Plymouth Trial Court

Plymouth MA Trial Court uses FlowMark Retrofit System for failed Clearwater Dolphin Systems

Plymouth MA Trial Court could no longer get parts or service for their Clearwater Dolphin Systems from the manufacturer.  A decision was made to use the new FlowMark Dolphin Retrofit System with Web Induction Technology.  The system was successfully installed without shutting down the cooling system in about one hour.  A detailed report of the project is available by clicking the More Information button below.


FlowMark now has the answer to your dilemma. Because Clearwater Systems is no longer available to repair their equipment, FlowMark has fabricated a Dolphin Retrofit package that cost but a small fraction of the original purchase price, is easy to install without shutting down water flow and actually does a better job at keeping your cooling system clean.

Ocean Walk Shoppes Goes Green With FlowMark

Ocean Walk Shoppes Goes Green Replacing Chemicals with FlowMark for their Cooling Towers

FlowMark Proves Scale Control in Mexico

New Evaporative Condenser 4 Months with No Treatment

New Evaporative Condenser 4 Months with FlowMark Treatment

4-Month Scale Control Test a Real Success!

A four month evaluation of FlowMark has just been completed in Mexico.  This customer has 18 evaporative condensers that suffer from heavy scaling (See left Picture).  Two other physical treatment technologies have failed to help solve the problem.
These condensers have no conductivity control.  Instead, the systems are drained and refilled once a week with fresh water.  The water has calcium carbonate concentration starting at 200 PPM and cycling up to 900 PPM by the end of the week. The silica levels start at 65 PPM and cycle up to 280 PPM (about 4.3 cycles).

The FlowMark model Mark-III has kept the condenser tubes free of scale despite unorthodox conductivity control as seen in the right photo above.  This system saves a lot of money in cleaning expense and repairs. Needless to say, the Customer is very pleased.

FlowMark Landfill Leachate Scale Control

Installing Flowmark on Down-hole Pump

Over the past 3 years FlowMark has produced well over 100 Web Induction systems for Leachate scale control applications. Results on a wide variety of challenging applications have been very positive. In order to support the enormous Leachate Scale Control market, FlowMark is requesting our Authorized Representatives follow our new aggressive suggested retail pricing structure.

Trust the ORIGINAL FlowMark for your Leachate Scale Control needs.

How does 22 months of pipes with NO Calcium Scale sound?  Download the Hinkley Center Report below for details. 

Please Download the Hinkley Center Report Here.

Major New York Manufacturer Happy with New DS System

A major New York manufacturing company recently installed a new DS system on their large volume cooling tower to provide disinfection for the complete system.  They are very happy with the results they are getting from use of our equipment.

Calcium Falls Out of Water for New York State Manufacturer

A large New York State Manufacturer sees firsthand how well the Web Induction Pulsed Power Water Treatment System manufactured by FlowMark removes calcium carbonate from high conductivity water (about 1550 micro-siemens).  FlowMark systems promotes the formation of calcium carbonate seed crystals in the treated water which fall out of solution in quiet areas of the cooling tower system instead of plating out as hard scale deposits inside the chiller or on the tower fill.  In the photo above one can notice the large amounts of loose granulated calcium carbonate on the tower basin floor and the absence of any scale in the tower fill.

The loose granulated calcium carbonate is easily removed by manual cleaning.

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