FlowMark Proves Scale Control in Mexico

New Evaporative Condenser 4 Months with No Treatment

New Evaporative Condenser 4 Months with FlowMark Treatment

4-Month Scale Control Test a Real Success!

A four month evaluation of FlowMark has just been completed in Mexico.  This customer has 18 evaporative condensers that suffer from heavy scaling (See left Picture).  Two other physical treatment technologies have failed to help solve the problem.
These condensers have no conductivity control.  Instead, the systems are drained and refilled once a week with fresh water.  The water has calcium carbonate concentration starting at 200 PPM and cycling up to 900 PPM by the end of the week. The silica levels start at 65 PPM and cycle up to 280 PPM (about 4.3 cycles).

The FlowMark model Mark-III has kept the condenser tubes free of scale despite unorthodox conductivity control as seen in the right photo above.  This system saves a lot of money in cleaning expense and repairs. Needless to say, the Customer is very pleased.