Zamarano Hospital in Pacoag, RI is pleased with their FlowMark System

Chiller FlowMark Water Treatment System with conductivity based controls.

Chiller FlowMark Water Treatment System with conductivity based controls.

A FlowMark Chemical-Free Water Treatment System was installed on the 300 ton steam
powered Absorption Chiller and cooling tower. In addition, a bag filtration and Creative Water
Solutions ProMoss filtration system was installed to maintain clean water in the cooling
system. This system eliminates hazardous chemical use for the cooling system. The biological
counts are consistently less than 500 CFU/ml, corrosion is controlled and the water in the
cooling tower is crystal clear.

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Volusia County Schools Evaluates FlowMark Cooling Tower Water Treatment


In cooperation with Volusia County Schools HVAC Management, FlowMark Water Treatment of Daytona Beach, FL has successfully completed a 6 month paid trial to prove the validity of their Web Induction Pulsed Power and Advanced Oxidation Systems.  All conventional chemical treatment was suspended during the trial period.  The FlowMark chemical free system provided excellent scale and bacteria control while operating at high cycles of concentration to conserve water.  Management was impressed and is not considering a chemical free water treatment bid for all schools.

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Fjord Line Ships Use FlowMark to Condition Potable Water


January 2013
Fjord Line of Denmark has purchased two FlowMark Web Induction Pulsed Power systems to
protect the potable water plumbing systems of two new ships.
The Web Induction systems are installed on the discharge piping o the bulk water tanks in
order to prevent calcium scale from forming throughout the ships extensive plumbing system.
Success was immediately apparent when the ships engineers realized that FlowMark was
preventing scale from forming on the quartz tubes of the ships Ultraviolet Disinfection System.
FlowMark is protecting hot water boilers. kitchen equipment, cabin fixtures. disinfection
systems and all piping from hard water scale.

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