FlowMark Swimming Pool Treatment

The FlowMark Water Treatment System is an electronic, non-invasive water conditioning device that applies powerful energy pulses through the pool plumbing which alters the normal behavior of pool water.

Calcium Scale Control

High levels of calcium hardness are critical to proper pool water chemistry to protect the pools surface from being destroyed by aggressive water. In geographical areas with large amounts of rain it is necessary to add calcium carbonate to the water due to dilution from rain. In arid areas with little rain large amounts of pool water will evaporate causing calcium levels to rise naturally, often much higher than desirable. Calcium scaling can generally be controlled by maintaining desired pH levels but deviations in pH happen regularly for a number of reasons. The addition of FlowMark to the pool system plumbing will prevent calcium scale from forming on surfaces and will dissolve existing scale deposits over time.

Enhanced Filtration

Swimming pool filters normally are sized to remove suspended solids particles that are 20 microns or larger in size. All suspended solid particles smaller than 20 microns pass through the filter media and accumulate in the pool water eventually creating cloudy water that must be shocked with an oxidizer to restore clarity. The FlowMark System causes suspended solids to agglomerate into clusters of sufficient size to exceed 20 microns which makes them filterable.

The need to shock the pool with oxidizing compounds is greatly reduced by enhancing filtration.

Pool Heater Enhancement

The FlowMark system will cause existing scale deposits in pool heaters (including solar panels) to gradually de-scale which restores heat exchange and heater efficiency.

Surface Tension Reduction

FlowMark allows the pool water to hold the desired high calcium hardness level but behaves more like soft water by reducing the water’s surface tension for a luxurious feel.

Chlorine Reduction

Satisfied customers report 30 to 50% chlorine demand reduction.


FlowMark is compatible with Salt Water systems and Copper Ionization Systems.